Thursday, October 10, 2013

Asher Goes to the Vet

Asher went to the vet this morning to get neutered. I first called the vet that I have taken my cats to in the past. The cost was $255 to do the surgery. They told me that Ash would have to stay overnight, and they weren't happy that I had administered his puppy shots. I was to bring my documentation but they would not guarantee they would accept it. I called another vet.

It took me 15 minutes to get his fluffy butt into the car to go this morning, but I finally managed and arrived at "Affordable Vet" just slightly behind schedule.

Asher was a dear sweet boy and they all loved him there. He topped the charts at 93 pounds, which cost me an extra $15 in anesthesia, but he was a trooper. When I came in to pick him up at 4:00 I could recognize his cry from the lobby. At home he's a pretty quiet boy, but he wanted nothing to do with that crate. I called to him in the back room and told him "Mommy's here. It's okay, Ash" and he quieted down.

He is very happy to be home tonight instead of stuck in a kennel and the whole thing including 6 months of Trifexis (heartworm/flea control) cost me only $233.

The thing that really struck me in this whole thing, is how much he really loves me. I've never been a dog person, and to be honest, Asher still is a side affect of the goats. But I love him. And he really, really loves me. And that's pretty cool.


  1. Glad Asher came through well. I take my animals to be spayed or neutered but I always worry and I am happy when I pick them up again.
    I was totally traumatized myself yesterday when the equine vet came out to do dental care, politely referred to as "floating" on my four horses. I had never seen this before and it seems barbaric to me. It seemed a lot like sedating a horse so that you can jackhammer his teeth to dust with several different long jackhammers. My teeth hurt just watching. When the horses finally could stand and were no longer drunk from sedation (which was 2-4 hours depending upon the size of the horse and the dose that particular individual by virtue of personality, required, they seemed none the worse for wear. I however, needed a rest.
    Everyone is a dog person if they find the right individual dog. I feel the same way about cats now too.

    1. "Floating" sounds terrible! What is the purpose of it?

  2. He looks like a great dog. I'm so glad you found another vet to do it cheaper and probably better. And good for you for doing this.

    1. The last thing I need to go is get into dog breeding. He's a great dog and it was time to get him fixed before he got that instinct to roam or become more dominant. The lady at the vet's office tried to get me to take another Pyr. Her friend has one, but got rid of the goats. Now the dog is chasing cars.