Friday, October 4, 2013

Trixie is Bred

That should be two does bred now. I'll know for sure in 3 weeks. This would put her due date at March 3. I am praying for twins. I don't want Trixie to go through another horrible triplet pregnancy.

I used my new square cheese mold to make a more uniform version of my feta. I think it turned out really pretty. I am going to put this in a light brine instead of in olive oil. That much oil is costing me too much.

The pig pen needs cleaning today. I've been trying to do it every Saturday, but they were too stinky yesterday to let it go yet another day- I'm afraid my neighbors could smell it way over at their house! The pigs should be done before Christmas. I watched a video on salt curing your own hams and bacon and may have to try the bacon thing.

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