Friday, October 18, 2013


Here are the pictures of the soap we made on Tuesday. Terrible pictures but you get the idea.

The crinkle cut bars were in a wooden mold I borrowed from another of my girlfriends. The insulating properties of the wood allowed the soap to get warmer- hence the darker color. That fragrance also contains vanilla which I read can brown in cold process soaps. I am hoping for my own wooden mold for Christmas. I'd like one that's small enough to fit in the fridge so I can keep the milk cool as the soap cures.

The flower bars I should have left in the fridge longer. They heated up some in the middle causing the swirled color. It's becoming less obvious as they cure though. Come on, if it looks too perfect it doesn't look handmade. Right? Right? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I had a hard time getting these bars to cut without cracking. I think I need one of those straight edge blade cutters- like the crinkle cutter, just...well...straight. Some of the pretty wooden soap molds come with them, so I'm going to hold off on eBay searches. For at least the next 30 seconds. Hey look there's one for only $3.00. Wonder how long it will take to get here from Hong Kong....

As with anything else, practice makes perfect.

I want to do a few more batches but I ran out of lye. And since lye cannot be purchased locally anymore, I have to wait on UPS (thanks a lot you stinking meth labs- I'd like some cold medicine without having to hand over my first born too). I bought a trial pack of mica pigments I'm anxious to try.

How beautiful is this soap I saw on Etsy? I know with enough practice I can make some nearly as pretty!


  1. Your soap looks beautiful, however I had to keep telling myself, it is NOT white chocolate !

    1. Jane, I always have to tell guys at the market that my soap is NOT fudge!

  2. I think your soap looks great! I like the swirlies. I can't do them on purpose so I like when it happens naturally. Good job!