Saturday, October 19, 2013

End of the Week Update

I finally moved the doelings into their own pen. Much crying ensued from them and their mama. I really should have separated them earlier, but had no place to put them until Hubby built the new pen for Westley. I've also been using that pen as the breeding pen. I wrote to their buyer asking for the balance due on them and the boarding she owes me. No reply yet.

As soon as I'd gotten both little girlies moved, here comes Phoebe back in heat! So Abraham had to do his business on a leash and I got to smell like a billy goat all day. I couldn't take the chance of him messing with the wee girlies. They're still to young to be bred and Abe has ears- they do not. That's all we need is a mini-mancha-alpine hybrid. I also reinforced the cattle panel with extra poles and some chicken wire to discourage through-the-fence breeding. Ike almost managed that feat with Kat. My girls are such hussies!

"Selfies" with Phoebe. She was practically sitting in my lap when I took her out of the breeding pen. I thought she'd had enough. She thought differently.

Speaking of Westley, I'm not getting him afterall. He turned up CAE pos in his test results. His breeder is devastated. Her entire herd tested negative less than a year ago. She took him to a show since the last test, but he shouldn't have been able to contract it there. 

We got some much needed rain on Thursday which washed out elder twin's baseball game (much to the relieve of this exhausted mommy) and washed out my mom's inspection of the vegetable garden. Strawberry buckets double as rain gear- she had just done her hair. We are still getting beautiful peppers and eggplants. Most of the fall crops are in now. That's lettuce to the right of Mom and broccoli to the left.

Those blasted ants ate off two cauliflowers. I DE'd the heck out of them. They didn't seem to mind.

Look what my awesome Father-in-law brought me this week! I feel like I should do one of those "who can tell me what this tool is used for?" surveys. But I won't. It's a creep feeder for the pigs. Pour the feed in the top (instead of on Pork Chop's head), it stays dry and clean and comes out in measured amounts at the bottom.

Ash is almost 100% recovered from his surgery. Poor boy. He's been a bit more vocal this week. I can't stand dogs barking and he's usually pretty quiet. Payback for removing his man parts? Ugh. I tell myself when he wakes me at 3am that he's just doing his job, but I am pretty sure he was barking at armadillos and not coyote the other night.

I've been managing to get a few ripe figs each day before the birds can take them. I think I got 7 yesterday. A record!

My hubby is the best! He got home yesterday afternoon after 2 weeks working trade shows and brought me goodies. A truck full of hay and a whole trailer load we have to go pick up. It was decorating the Chevy booth next to his and they didn't want to haul it all out of there, so they gave it to us! And he brought 2 gallons of honey! Can anyone say "mead"?! I am so excited.

Lowes had fruit trees on sale so he took me to get a few things. I got a Meyer lemon, a Ruby Red grapefruit, and a Mandarin orange. They will be joining the Persian lime I have on my deck where I can cover them or bring them in if we get any cold snaps over the winter. Hay, honey, and fruit trees not clothes and jewelry- my I'm an odd one.

And I'll leave you with a little game of "Find the Treefrog". Have a great weekend!

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