Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goat Milk Soap

I spent the afternoon making soap with one of my best friends. We made three batches- Honey/Almond, Teakwood, and Coconut.

I will take more pictures when I unmold it tomorrow.


  1. Looks good. I can almost smell it from here! I need to make more. Next week I suppose.

    1. I'm hardly as accomplished a soap maker as you, but I'll keep practicing. I want to do a few more batches for Christmas yet. I'm going to color the next batches.

  2. I wished I lived by you. You would motivate me to produce more milk goodies! My milk is piling up in the fridge so....

    My first batch of yogurt is in the maker as of thirty minutes ago. I have plans to make soap this evening and I really need to make some more cheese since the kids are out for fall break. Time is flying by, I hope I get it all done ☺

  3. Kris and Kelly: I am Kristin's Mom and she is my hero. There are no coincidences. Why do your names start with a "K"? You two do not (or maybe you do) understand how much WE wish we lived near YOU!! Kindred sprits all