Monday, April 15, 2013

Asher's Great Adventure

Why is it that things always end up scheduled for the exact same time? Saturday was the boys first baseball game of the year. Hubby was working out of town, so it was up to me to bring them, and I was really looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and seeing them play. Then my smart phone gave me an alert. Tractor Supply Vet Clinic. Saturday. 11:30-1. Exactly the same time as the game.

My dear parents to the rescue! What would I do without them here? We worked it out where I took the boys to the game at 11:30, met them there, then ran home to get the dog while they watched the game and brought the kids back home.

That's where Asher's great adventure began. I've taught him how to walk on a leash because I can't imagine having a huge dog you can't control, but sometimes he decids he just won't go. Like the time I tried to get him to walk into the garage. That butt hit the pavement and there wasn't a thing that would budge him. I envisioned this being his reaction at the front door of TSC, so I strategically stocked my pockets with treats so I wouldn't be the woman carrying her 50lb disobedient dog in.

I was the woman picking up her 50lb disobedient dog and shoving him into the car. He hasn't been in a car since the day we brought him home. He proceeded to whimper and cry the entire ride. Pitiful. Then I was the woman dragging her 50lb disobedient dog out of the car into the parking lot.

Fresh air and sunshine is something that Asher is used to, so the walk to the door was a breeze. A quick slip of a milkbone and he was inside before he realized what happened. He tried to backtrack for a moment before spotting the other dogs halfway down the aisle. The Great Dane in line ahead of us wanted to be Asher's best friend. He wasn't so sure about that, but made up quickly with the fat corgi and the poodle.

Let me tell you, it's not easy to fill out a form while controlling a curious dog next to a display of cow femurs. All the shoppers who walked by the parade of dogs would pat Asher on the head. I guess there's just something about his smiling face that draws people to him- it works on me. The Great Dane didn't get any pats.

I thought that the clinic was just for vaccinations, but the lovely vet's assistant walked me through everything that Asher might need from rabies vaccine to heart worm prevention. I thought I'd still have to go to my vet for that. The vet herself couldn't say enough good things about my sweet puppy. She must have coo'd 4 or 5 times about what a great breed Pyrenees are and what a sweet and good looking dog he is. Maybe she says that to every owner, but it made me feel good.

Ash didn't even flinch as he got his rabies shot, puppy booster, and kennel cough meds. As we were checking out, I heard a woman behind us whisper to her husband, "I think he's a puppy", so I turned around and smiled at her. "How old is he?" she asked. "Five months." "See, I told you he was a puppy. He's so good." Asher and his mama felt very proud.

We left the store with all his shots and a 6 month supply of flea, heartworm, and intestinal worm medication for $150. I'm certain it would have been more at the vet. I shoved my 50 lb (somewhat) disobedient dog back in the car. He took up a spot in the back window of my SUV and smiled the whole way home. So did I.

P.S. The boys lost their game, but the wonderful snacks afterward dulled the pain of defeat.


  1. Good boy, Asher! Nicely written story, Kristin.

  2. Well he sounds very cute. I need to pick up flea control stuff for the summer.

  3. YAY for the well behaved puppy!!! And he is a good looking dog. I'm sure you did get a deal at TCS, vets are expensive!