Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Chicks

You see 6 chicks and a duck in this picture, right? That wasn't the case when we got home after dark Monday night. I was milking Trixie when one of my sons comes into the barn holding the Easter Egger (that I think is a roo), moaning, "He's the only one left. All the chicks are dead".

I calmly ask, "Are there dead chicks lying around? Feathers?" I am milking afterall and don't want to spook Trixie with fussing and fretting. "No, but they're all GONE!!!"

Now I have had chicks long enough to know that if a hawk comes, you lose a chick a day. You don't lose 5 chicks and a duck in one evening. If a raccoon had attacked, he would have left some evidence. If the dog.....well, I hope the dog finally understands that chicks and silkies are MINE. He does fine with the grown chickens.

I inform my sons and husband that the chicks know where they are. If they'd like they can get the flashlight and find them, otherwise the chicks will turn up in the morning. Somehow, I am the only one who believes this.

They searched and searched. More comments of "They're all dead" and "What a waste of money" kept drifting toward me in the barn. Finally, as we were ready to turn lights out for the night, Hubby heard a "cheep". He followed the sound and found the lot of them cuddled up under the rosemary for the night. Crisis averted.


  1. I am glad you found the chicks!

  2. Glad you found your chicks! Thanks for your comment about my goat ☺ That support group sounds like one I need to join. If I hear one more person tell me she's NOT pregnant I might go postal LOL!!!!! I think I have another month to wait, maybe less. There's a full moon next Thursday, maybe it will drag the babies out of our girls!