Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Day After Easter

Last week, my dear friends gave me this home crafted cross to remember my sweet stillborn doelings. If you would like one, I'm sure he'd be willing to make more.

Kat has me so confused. She is getting bigger by the day! She looks like my does who are 4 months pregnant.


I tried to draw blood for a BioTracking and failed miserably. The only thing that lost any blood was my finger. I really need to know if she's pregnant so I know whether to dry her up or not. She miscarried 10/31. I gave her some time off and bred her 12/29, 12/19, and 2/10. Then she appeared to have a very light heat on 3/5 which I attributed to the end of the breeding season.

If she is pregnant, I'd have no idea which of those times was successful. She looks bigger than 2 months along, but does will not allow themselves to be bred again if they're pregnant. Buddy didn't have to try very hard to convince her, if you know what I mean.

I think another friend has convinced her neighbor who works at a vet's office to come by on Saturday to draw blood and bring an ultrasound machine. It would sure ease some of the pain of losing the doelings if Kat is bred!

Trixie is improving by the day. Since she needs the calories to get healthy again, I've been leaving free choice alfalfa and alfalfa pellets for all the girls. Kat has gone from a quart of milk a day to one cup shy of a half gallon and is increasing by the day. I'm curious to see what I get this morning. I should do a cost analysis to see if the extra milk is worth the price of all this alfalfa!

Easter Sunday church was great. We had services at the amphitheater on the river. The weather called for rain all week, but God came through with sunny and 75.

We had our third annual helicopter Easter Egg drop. A great time was had by all! Then in-laws brought lunch over. Beef tenderloin, heaps of vegetables, and my MIL's homemade pound cake. Yum!

My sister, niece, and nephew were supposed to come for the week. We set up a crib for my nephew last night before we heard that she spent her Easter evening at an acute care clinic. Her son has the flu. She took him for a well child visit on Wednesday and he ends up sick- gotta love the pediatrician's office. We are all so disappointed.

Part of me wants to tell her to come on down, but honestly, I don't see how I would keep this place running with the flu, I don't want sick kids, Hubby can't afford to be sick, and my dad just had brain surgery a month and a half ago. He certainly can't be exposed.

I guess we will just settle in for a week of normal. Which sounds pretty nice too.

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