Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pretty Please

I know you goats are browsers not grazers, but would you please cut the grass already?


  1. What nice green grass. I can't wait for ours to green up.
    Our goats love to browse but I noticed they eat a lot of grass too.

  2. My neighbors goats munch grass all day long. She doesn't even feed them in the summer.
    Maybe you should get some sheep to take care of the mowing ;)

  3. You need sheep! I put my sheep in my yard with the Premier fence and in 4 days, it was eaten to the ground. And I have 15 sheep and lambs. I love this fence. I can move them around now. I'll be moving them to the garden Sunday so they can eat down the tall stuff out there and I can til then. Sheep are great! Goats want us to work for them!