Saturday, April 13, 2013


Spring is such a busy time around here! It was a beautiful morning so I went around and took some pictures of the goings on.

Scilla still hasn't freshened. Her udder is getting prettier by the day, but I'm getting so impatient. I don't have an exact day she was bred though the breeder estimated it was 11/11/12. 

My mom and I got most of the heirloom tomato and pepper seedlings repotted. I need to do the rest of them this afternoon now that they're big enough.

We also mucked out the barn and used the matted hay/manure/urine to smother the grass between the garden and the new blueberries. We plan to expand the garden a bit that way to make room for another row of tomatoes.

The potatoes are looking good. They'll be ready to hill soon.

The honeybees are loving the flowering collards and broccoli so I haven't pulled it out yet. I'll have to soon to make room for summer vegetables.

I put new T-post sprinklers up all around the garden for better coverage. It always seems that as things get taller, there are spots that don't get enough water. Hopefully, this will fix that problem.

The pecans are leafing out. One has catkins on it this year but no female flowers that I can see. One of these years, these things will bear nuts! Hubby is working on clearing out the sweetgums you see in the background. It's slow going, but we clear a bit more each year.

The fields are doing so much better after running the chicken tractors over them. I have glorious patches of clover like this all over. I wouldn't let hubby mow last week because the bees are enjoying those flowers too much.

And just for kicks, my very confused duck. The rooster is shaking his head. So am I......

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