Friday, April 5, 2013

The Year Spring Wouldn't Spring

I write to you this morning in my flannel PJ's with the heat blowing. We had a high of 49 with drizzle yesterday. You know how I love going out in the cold muck to take care of the critters....

I locked Scilla in the kidding stall for the first time last night. She has been losing small amounts of mucus for a couple of days and her udder keeps getting bigger. Her ligaments were still firm when I checked last night, but I didn't want to take any chances of the dog or other goats harrassing her if she decided to drop those kids over night. I still haven't been out to check today (see first paragraph to understand why).

My sister and her kids are visiting this week. Some spring break they're getting. At least Tuesday was beautiful and we managed to snap a couple good pictures.

Magnum and Bogo are getting bigger by the day. If you know anyone who is interested in an unregistered Lamancha with great bloodlines let me know. Bogo needs to be sold as soon as we have other kids.

A dog's life.

A livestock guardian dog's life.


  1. The babies are cute! And I ♥ the picture with the puppy! My does udder is growing to a more impressive size ☺ I keep checking her for drippage, it's getting pretty gross around here LOL!!!

  2. That puppy is so cute. And so good with those kids too. I hope you sell that little Bogo soon. And have you gotten any more kids yet?

    It was SO beautiful and warm here today. Had the AC on in the car, it was so warm. Had to take Mrs. T to the doctor this morning and I thought I was having a darned ole hot flash, that's how warm it was. Good grief, I cannot remember being so warm. I sure hope you warm up soon.

  3. Oh cuteness!!! Love the puppy!
    I totally understand spring not springing. It won't here either. Maybe we'll just get hit with summer!
    Happy farming in your flannels!