Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scilla's Boys

Scilla finally decided to drop her kids! I guess she couldn't let Phoebe have all the fun!




Two boys. I'm not going to lie, I'm bummed and feel even sadder about losing Trixie's doelings. Onyx still hasn't had her babes and I'm praying for more girls! I have 4 bucklings I need to find homes for now- 3 ADGA registered Alpine bucklings and Bogo.

We will be disbudding Phoebe's kids today and will do Scilla's boys too if I can feel the horn buds. I felt Ike's the day he was born so they'll probably be ready.

These are Phoebe's kids Iris and Ike. Phoebe is not a very doting mother. She seems to forget about her kids and leaves Asher to look over them. She'll let them nurse, but definitely favors the Ike over Iris.

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  1. Congrats on the boys!!!! I'm soo jealous, your almost done and I see no hope again today :/ Her bag grew the other day and the teats moves down now it seems the bag is mushy again and her ligaments go soft harden back up one goes away one stays. I'm going crazy! I think I will actually leave the house today and try to regain some of my sanity.
    It does suck about Trixie's girls :( Is she back to normal?