Friday, March 22, 2013

24 hrs After Induction

I administered the Dex at 3:00 yesterday. Around noon today, she passed a good size string of mucus that looked like it could be her plug. She is also up and down more and drinking a lot of water on her own. I was excited to see her get up, poo, and stand for several minutes.

Poor girl is just skin and bones and belly at this point. I'm about to go give her yet another drench. Thank you all for your prayers!


  1. I hope this goes quickly for her. I also hope she feels well enough to take care of those kids when they are born. I know you're watching carefully.

  2. Thanks for the support. The vet recommended that I take the babies and bottle feed to allow her to recover. I'm already feeding Magnum and Bogo. What's a few more.....

    Of course, this means that I'll be up every couple of hours all night to check her. I think I need to be there to warm and dry the kids because I don't think she'll have the strength to.

    1. Hopefully it's all over by in the morning. Bottle feeding gets old but you know you'll miss it when your done ☺ Hope everything goes smooooothh and Ms. Trixie gets well and you, fabulous goat mommy, get to rest your mind and body. Can't wait for cute baby pics ☺

  3. Good to see her up. I am praying for healthy kids and a healthy Trixie too. And for you to get some rest soon! I'll be checking in later.