Friday, March 22, 2013

This Morning

Trixie is still alive. Her eyes look sunken. She's drinking lots of water on her own. No sign of labor. She's still not eating.

I was scared to go to the barn this morning. My sleep was filled with dreams of Trixie and her kids- alive and recovering. The spaces between those dreams were filled with deep worry that she would not be alive when I went out this morning. Or that I might find a tiny kid, wet and lifeless next to her lifeless mother. Morbid, I know.

And then there was the very real and worrisome concern of what will I do with her if I find her dead? I'm not sure I could bear not to know how many kids she is carrying. Could I dig a hole that big? That was followed by prayers that I won't have to deal with that. I am exhausted.

I gave her the morning dose of propylene glycol. She really hates that and put up a pretty good fight.

And so another day of poking and prodding, drenching and injecting has begun. And praying. Lots of praying. I need that Dex to kick in and fast!


  1. You were the first thing I thought about this morning! I can't imagine your worry and stress. Shouldn't the Dex start labor within the next two days? I hope she kids today, I'll be praying for it, so it will end both of your sufferings.
    Stay positive, you have been keeping her healthy. She just needs the babies out to heal. The babies wont be too early and you will take really good care of them.
    Update when you have time ☺

  2. I too was thinking of Trixie this morning. I hope that labor begins today and that it's quick. At what point does the vet want to check on her ?

    1. I'm not sure. I'm just about to text the vet now.