Sunday, March 17, 2013

Playing with the Goats

I have worked hard to train Asher that he's not to play with goats. All that has gone out the window as Magnum engages Asher in play! Asher is so good about it. Magnum chases him, jumps on him and butts him and Asher just rolls over and takes it. I'm happy he's got a new friend.

Trixie has 13 days to go. She really doesn't even want to get up anymore. Yesterday it took her 4 rests just to make it to the water bucket. I'm torn about whether or not to move the bucket closer. I know the exercise is good for her, but I don't want her to get dehydrated. She is turning her nose up at her grain, but is eating plenty of hay and alfalfa. I gave her some sweet feed last night and she gobbled that right up. I'll try some more of that tonight since she eschewed her ration this morning too.

Does anyone know when is the earliest it's safe for goats to deliver so I can stop worrying about her having to keep those babies in?

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