Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update on Trixie

Edit 6:39pm- I just gave her the Propylene Glycol for the first time. She hated it! I see no sign of her wanting to eat. I gave her probios too. She will need another drench and a shot of B-complex still tonight.

Her rear end looks like there is a baby right there and has for a couple of days. I can barely feel the ligaments on one side and not at all at the other. This was from earlier. It's more pronounced now. I so wish my first experience with this had gone smoothly.

I texted the vet today. She still wants to hold off on induction for another couple of days, as do I. She thinks I should start Propylene Glycol as well as the drenches today. Of course, our local Tractor Supply was out and the feed stores don't carry it. Hubby was able to pick some up at the TSC in Thomaston and that was the third store he'd checked!

This is the drench I'm using:
500ml 50% Dextrose
50ml Amino Acid Concentrate
200ml Calcium Gluconate

100ml orally 3x per day.

I'm also giving B-Complex subcutaneously twice a day and probios daily.

I can't get her to take any food though she's still drinking a little water. The stress of all this has zapped my motivation to do anything else today. I don't want to lose Trixie or the kids but I certainly don't want to lose BOTH! I am so new to this and really don't know what course to take. My gut says to take it day by day unless she starts looking worse.

Once she is given the medicine to induce, it will take 36-48 hours for her to deliver. She needs to have the strength to do that too! I don't want her to deliver more than a week early, for fear of losing the kids so that means induction sometime this weekend. And I feel like that's another brick's the weekend. The vet didn't say that she wouldn't come out on the weekend when I texted "I just don't want to get stuck over the weekend". I sure hope that she will if we need her.


  1. I pray that Trixie delivers tonight. I know she isn't due but maybe her body will tell her she has to. I have never experienced even one goat birth so my advise sucks, but I would make sure she is okay first. I will be thinking about you both, please keep us posted ☺

  2. I had a dream last night that Trixie had boy/girl twins that were as big and fluffy as Asher. They were healthy and as strong as could be! I hope that's a good premonition.

    She's certainly not looking better this morning. :( I gave her the PG and B-complex again. She hates me for it. I'll go back and drench in a couple hours.