Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet Magnum and Bogo

Yesterday, we picked our herd sire Magnum and his little buddy Bogo (Buy One Get One) up from Raven's Haven near Carrollton. She really has some beautiful goats.

Asher is not quite sure what to make of the babies.

His mama was a first freshener. Here is a pic of her udder.


This is little Bogo. He is also a full blooded LaMancha. He was a tiny little guy when he was born, so the breeder sent him as an unregistered companion for Magnum. His mama is Raven's Haven's Victorious and sire is her buck Nikolae. If  you know anyone who may be interested in him, he is for sale as soon as my other does kid so Magnum will have new friends.

I'm off to bottle feed!

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  1. I had a LaMancha cross once, a mut I guess but she was the best goat that I had. She did keep putting her head through the same place in the fence day after day and getting her horns hung. I kept waiting to see if she would learn but it never happened so I finally fixed the spot.