Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aspartame in Milk!?

I just read this article stating that the dairy industry is petitioning the FDA to allow it to put aspartame in milk and milk products without having to list it on the label.

I find that outrageous! It didn't come out of the cow (goat, sheep, waterbuffalo etc.) with artificially sweetener in it, so it's not milk and should be listed as an ingredient.

I'll admit, I haven't done a lot of research on the effects of artificial sweeteners- I just try to avoid anything that wasn't food 100 years ago. Milk sweetened with aspartame would not pass my litmus test.


  1. I also heard this and it is sickening...Like you, we are 'real' food eaters here, raw milk and all...we are working daily to raise, grow and hunt/fish everything we eat...

    1. Thank you for reading!

      Producing your own a lot of work, but I'm convinced it is worth it. I love hearing from other people who do it.

      I was reading an article in the local paper here about the health descrepancy between the counties near Atlanta (with their farmers' markets and Whole Foods) and the state's poorest counties in SW GA. There was about at 40% obesity rate in the poor counties vs about 20% in the Atlanta suburbs.

      That reaffirmed in my mind that the processed stuff that is passed off as food these days is killing people!

      If course, people need to have the personal responsibility to recognize that and do something about it. I'd venture to guess most that rural 40% have room to plant some vegetables and perhaps raise a few hens.