Thursday, March 20, 2014

Baby Girl's Turn

My poor Onyx is so over being pregnant. Her feet are better today, but still paining her. She needs to get this weight off them. She's so uncomfortable that she's taken to propping her front end up when sitting down.

Don't scroll down further if pictures of goat "lady parts" bother you.

Her ligaments are nearly gone. This picture is from this morning and her udder is much fuller now. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow. Today is day 145. She went a couple days early last year.

Because you survived the goat "hoo hoo" picture, here is your reward- Asher with Guinness and Shamrock. I'm very excited that the people who are buying Phoebe are interested in Shamrock too.

That leaves 2 Alpine bucklings and 1 doeling left to sell.


  1. Onyx is such a pretty goat. I hope her feet are feeling better. I bet she's going to have some gorgeous babies!
    It's so funny what the kids try to climb, and jump on. Such mischievous bugs.

  2. Hope Onyx is having her babies today :) I can't believe Asher just lays there, lol!!!! It's too adorable!!!

  3. Poor Onyx. I sure hope she has those babies soon. I just realized that my goats will be at day 145 tomorrow! Where did the time go? Goat milk soon!!!!! So flippin' exciting!