Saturday, March 22, 2014

Onyx's Kids

Miss O gave us boy/girl twins this morning. I think I'll call them Jasper and Opal. Baby O will be staying here at Hammock Haven- our first homegrown milker!

Baby O is grey and Jasper is red and white. They're both so gorgeous! Onyx makes the prettiest babies. 

Yes, we know you helped too, Magnum. I clipped him yesterday and truly had no idea he was so good looking under that shaggy coat.

I disbudded Guinness and Shamrock last night with the help of Shamrock's new owners. Then poor Guinness proceeded to come back into the barn and bust his scabs open. Bloody mess! We had to heat the iron back up and cauterize the bleeding. He's good to go today. 

Cara Bleu, Scilla's doeling, managed to hurt her eye this morning. It's swollen shut. The eyeball itself appears to be okay. I washed it out with saline. Anybody else had one hurt an eye? It would be the girl too...

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  1. I've had my goats get a piece of hay or a foxtail under there eyelid, or scratch there eye. I use some medicine that comes in a puffer bottle. I think every feed store carries it. Just pry the eye open and puff it in there, or you can use the tubes of mastitis medication if need be, it works good too.