Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fodder: Day 8

I decided to feed my first tray of oats today despite somewhat disappointing germination. I didn't want it to develop mold and read that until the goats are used to it, it may help if they can recognize the grain.

I replaced 1/2 lb of their grain ration with the fodder. They all dug for their grain first, but then went for the fodder with mixed enthusiasm. 

Trixie was pickiest about it, but she wouldn't eat the chaffhaye for several days after I introduced it either. 

Buttercup and Scilla loved the stuff!

So did the chickens! 

I'm still on baby watch with Phoebe. Today is day 149. It's raining so hard out today I'm thinking I should have built an arc. Scilla picked the coldest day of the month, Phoebe will probably pick the wettest. Goats....

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  1. So cool! I'm going to the freaking feed store tomorrow. I'm such a procrastinator!!!!!