Saturday, March 22, 2014

Next Up...

Betty Buttercup.

Pretty girl is due 3/27. I'm guessing a single baby since she's so small, but I'd like to be surprised! 

Onyx's kids are the prettiest things ever. I'm smitten with Opal. 

Her brother, Jasper, is gorgeous too and needs a home. 

Hubby helped me move "Poop Mountain" today. I'm sure the veggies will love it!

I bought that eye stuff you suggested, Kimberly, and treated Cara Bleu with it this evening. She looks so pitiful but is spry as ever. 


  1. Jasper is adorable. I love his color.
    Who cares if the mountain's made of poo, its still fun to play on! haha I love to watch baby goats play.
    I hope Cara's eye gets better. They usually heal surprisingly fast.

    1. I sure hope you're right, Kimberly. I'm really worried about her. Seriously though, damage to eyes and fingernails are about the only things that still make me queasy, so perhaps I'm overreacting.

  2. I wish I had a tractor to move my poop mountain :/ I pulled a muscle in my back and my neck hurt all day yesterday. I'm hoping next Winter isn't so cold. The deep litter kept them warm but was a pain in the neck to clean out!
    Cutest babies ever! I can't wait for mine. I'm at 31 days and counting now :)

    1. Tell me about it! That stuff is so heavy. I've had to take Advil all week I've been in such pain from mucking the barn. The tractor was really a lifesaver- it's Hubby's new toy of 2013. No more new toys for us this year though, we need to be profitable. Off to a good start though!

    2. PS Can't wait to see Lady's babies :)

    3. Oh that's nice! I can't wait until we get a tractor, we desperately need one.
      I can't wait for her babies either. One more month. I hope it goes by fast :)