Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring is in the Air- NOT

I was convinced yesterday, that spring had finally arrived to our neck of the woods. It was sunny and warm. The flowers were blooming. Birds were singing (including that blasted cardinal who has returned to the bush under my bedroom window this spring and wakes me with his enthusiastic singing at 6am). Then today I get up to clouds, drizzle, and 44 degrees.

I guess that makes it a good day to knit. I finished my "Water for Elephants" socks and they turned out amazingly well if I do say so myself.
I am working on a pair for a friend. I bartered socks for cream.

I managed to get my seed potatoes cut up yesterday. Now if I could get a decent day, I'd plant them. I am planting them in the new section of the garden this year where hopefully I can avoid the leaf-cutter ants that plagued us last year. 

I still need to go out and feed. A farmer can never truly hibernate the day away. 


  1. Our garden is still covered in snow.
    I would like to try to plant some potatoes this year. I may try growing them in a barrel.
    Think Spring :)

  2. Your socks are great! Good job. I'd just be wearing them instead of shoes.
    It's supposed to rain here tonight. Not happy about that. I wanted to get some kale and collards and lettuces planted. Maybe next week?