Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scilla's Kids

Silly finally had her babies- 3 days late, on the coldest morning of the month, and just minutes before I went out to check this morning. 

We got boy/girl twins. Mom and kids are doing great and I am so thrilled that she have me a doe this year. She smelled so bucky I was convinced she'd have twin boys again. 

Now I need coffee and to check the fodder before going back out! 


  1. Well, yay! That's great and they are so cute and little. Are these guys full Alpine? How cold did it get there?

    I did the same thing this morning. About 5 I went to check on sheep and there was a little damp lamb next to her momma. It got to 30 and windy. They are fine.

    So you are just starting with your goats. I won't start for a few more weeks. I have 1 more ewe to lamb now and I'm done with sheep. 19 lambs so far.

    1. It got down to the mid 30's. They are full Alpine and can be registered with ADGA. I bred Scilla to Phoebe's 2013 son, Ike, before I sold him. Ike was gorgeous and you've seen Scilla. These babies should grow up to be lookers.

      I've been following your lambing and was more than a little jealous that you were already enjoying fuzzy babies!

      With the exception of Kat who is due 4/19, all the other goats are due in the next 13 days!

  2. Oh so cute!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. CUTE!
    Congratulations. We have kids due soon.