Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trixie's Kids

Oh my, what a day! I got up a little late after being awakened in the night by this weird chirping noise. Turns out it was some yippy dog way in the distance. Blame it on the full moon, I guess. 

So at 7:00am, I decided that I'd get out there and try to milk Scilla this morning. She's been pretty full the last few days even with kids on her. 

I ordered a milking machine from Hoegger Supply a month ago. It was my Valentines/Birthday/Mothers' Day/ Anniversary present this year. Of course, they're all back-ordered because of the weather the Atlanta area has had. No worries, for one goat I'll just pull out my trusted Maggidan's milker. Not so fast.... the pump I found wasn't working right and I could't find my spare anywhere. I know the thing didn't grow legs and walk away!

I looked for it for 15 minutes, then tried to repair the one I found for another 15. Finally, I decided I can just hand milk one stinkin' goat the old fashioned way. Scilla's a breeze. 

By the time I got out there, the sun was well into the sky and Silly's babies had milked her dry. She relished getting up on the stand first though. You'd think I'd just made her a duchess or something. 

Then it was Kat and Trixie's turn. I knew something was up when Trix took 3 steps out, looked at me, and backed into the stall. Day 146 on her and she's a mini-mancha. I let Onyx on the stall and tended her lame hoof the best she would let me. Then I looked out over my muddy, mucky barn, my poor lame goat, my lack of milk, and shed a few tears. However, a farm girl has little time for tears. I pulled up my big girl panties overalls, checked Trix, who had lost her ligaments, and started mucking the barn.

Trixie would start crying for me if I got too far away, but I did what I could and realized that I was going to need backup. "Mom, Dad, I can't do this alone today." My folks were worried that they would have to rush over before breakfast, but I really just needed someone to get my human kids to guitar practice and Park Day. My parents are the best! I believe this week just turned into home-school Spring Break.

Trixie ended up kidding about lunchtime with two doelings. I was trying to come up with names and my sister suggested something about blessings or happiness after Trixie's trouble last year. I decided on "Cheery" and "Gleeful". Cheery has the elf ears and white belt, Gleeful as the gopher ears and spot on her head. What a way to turn around a rotten, cold, mucky morning.


P.S. I got most the barn mucked too.

P.P.S. Our grass fed Black Angus arrived from the processors. Good times trying to find freezer space with all this going on.

P.P.P.S. I have beef. :)


  1. Dad and I are always happy to come help out!!

  2. Yeah!!! Two cute doelings! Congratulations, last year was a big bummer for Trixie glad she had a good kidding this time and everyone is healthy :)
    I started mucking the barn yesterday, what a workout!!!!! This Winter was the first time I used deep litter to keep it warmer. I'm not sure I would do it again. I got 3/4 finished and was pooped and my barn is not very big. I'm hoping to leave it bare dirt until almost time for Lady to kid and then throw down a layer of straw.
    Yeah for beef! Maybe you will find some hidden treasures in the freezer while your making room. Yummy suppers ahead!!!

    1. Haha, hidden treasures in the freezer. Your freezer must look like mine!

      My whole body hurts today. When is Lady due? Twin girls, Lady.