Monday, March 10, 2014

Fodder: Day 2

It's been about 18 hours now since I started soaking my oats. I put them in repurposed strawberry "clam shells" and have wet them down a couple times today. I am just now starting to see some little roots poking out. 

I just moved the oats I started soaking last night into "clam shells".

Hubby found a sack of wheat today. From what I've read, people have had better luck with wheat or barley than oats. Goodness knows where I'll find barley in these parts. When I called the feed store Hubby was at today they acted like I was crazy for wanting it. I'll see if Family Feed can get me some next time I'm in there. 

Still no kids out of Scilla. Today is day 150. 


  1. Your doe looks amazing! Great conformation, even about to pop. Very nice looking doe. How many do you have that will be freshening?

    I need to get my fermented grain going again. The goats dried off about 4 months ago. I've been feeding them a sweet feed with sunflower seeds and alfalfa pellets. But they'll be freshening the end of March, so I think I'll go ahead and make a 5 gallon bucket up and gradually start them back on it.

    I get barley at the co-op in Lafayette. Me and a boy who shows goats or sheep get this particular kind. I think they are steamed whole barley. I hope you find some near you. You may have to buy a whole lot just to get a better deal.

  2. Aww, hear that Silly Girl, Miss Kris thinks you're beautiful!

    Scilla is my favorite goat. It's really a shame she's an Alpine and decided to raise Lamanchas. Both my Alpines are lovely, sweet, and robustly healthy animals. For now, Scilla gets to stay.

    My oats are geminating nicely. How long do you soak yours for fermented grain?

  3. I usually make a 5 gallon bucket at night using hot water and ACV. By morning, it's grown to the top of the bucket and I just strain and let them eat it that way. It gets more fermented the longer it sits. But in warmer weather, I just use it as fast as I can because of those darn fruit flies it attracts. I haven't made any this winter because the goats aren't in milk. I need to go ahead and make some this week becasue they really don't have much longer to go. They are all pretty big. I think Zeeboo may have triplets. We shall see soon. She's making up for not having kids last year.