Thursday, March 27, 2014

Quick Update

Very quick because I have to get out there and milk! Cara Bleu's eye is looking much better. I'd say it's 70% open now.
I still need a home for Guinness so I won't have to bottle feed him. His dam and sister are moving next week.

Cheery and Gleeful are growing like weeds. Trixie was very upset when I took them away last night. I tried to show her they were safe in the storage side of the chicken coop, but she wasn't buying it.

Onyx's kids are such long, tall, drinks of water. They are all legs! I disbudded them yesterday morning. Asher decided to lick all the burn off Jasper's head while I was disbudding Opal. Rotten dog. Even worse because I had him clean up Buttercup's kids' bottoms earlier that morning. Yuck. I sprayed him with plenty of Blukote and he seems none the worse for wear.

Betty Buttercup is still rejecting her boy. I'm having to feed her and rub her sides to get her to let him nurse. I hope she gets over that soon! Her daughter is enormous! Lulu is already bigger than Onyx's Opal.

Little Vee needs a good home. I put him on Facebook. He's got great bloodlines and I only want $150 for him to keep me from having to feed him/see that he's fed 4 times a day.

Kat is due in about 3 weeks. I will have to put a yard stick on her back so you can get a true picture of her size. I'd be shocked if there were only two babies in there. Then again, I was shocked that Buttercup actually had two.

My milker is scheduled to be delivered today. Signature required of course and I have lunch plans with my mom and aunt and Cole's baseball game tonight. I really don't want to miss it! I'm going to leave a signed note on the door for my FedEx guy. Hopefully that will be enough for him to leave it.

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  1. You have beautiful goats. I am glad you don't live anywhere near my daughter, or she would be out there getting goats from you. She already has a horse she rescued. She's loved animals since she was a child. We got the two black nubians for her, more than anything else way back long ago.